Thank You for considering Franklin Locker for your processing needs.  We currently process cattle, hogs, sheep, and goats.  If you are interested in having your animal processed here, please read through the list of processing facts below.

Book your appointment well in advance, as it is not uncommon for us to be booked several months out.

Your animal must be at our location at 8 a.m. on the date of your appointment.

We need to know who the animal is being processed for.  The name and contact information for each recipient is required at the time of drop off - no exceptions.

We need to know if you would like us to keep any organs for you at the time of drop off, otherwise, they will not be saved.

We require your cutting instructions no later than the day the animal is dropped off at our facility.  If we do not receive cutting instructions, your animal will be processed by our "basic"  cutting specifications.

We require your product to be picked up within 7 days of us notifying you that it is complete.  Orders left beyond 7 days will be charged a $5 per day storage fee.

Beef can be split into halves, or quarters.  Hogs, sheep, and goats can be split into halves.